This wedding will definitely stay in your personal top for a long time. Anya and Yarik are sincere, real and ours. The holiday was held in the house of the parents and this is a special atmosphere - sincere, warm, family-like.
I will not say much, it is better to look once, leaf through the series.

We met Sasha earlier than with Diana at the wedding of his friends. And then I thought that it would be cool to photograph his wedding, it would definitely be fun. And we shot and it was fun! And also very beautiful, that's it. See it.

The wedding can be very cozy and relaxed. And also, she can remind you of what you love the most - about homemade breakfasts together, about joint hobbies and travels, about sunsets. The wedding can be your ideal.

If the wedding is long and thoroughly prepared, nothing can interfere. Even the weather, which slightly spoiled the concept of "open air". This day is a dream come true for Vika, from the smallest details to a cake in the form of a castle, 180 cm high.

"When I want to read a book, I write it ..." The guys really wrote their history, they prepared for a very long time and thought through every detail. It turned out very rich, driving and at the same time, a romantic day.

You can plan and prepare for a long time, but on a wedding day there will be things that you do not enter into the timing.
For example, rain. But he was not eternal, he was and there he is not already, but people themselves create their own holiday.
Under the rain or under the sun it does not matter any more! The main thing is your reaction to non-ideal events on that day!