Wedding, just the wedding.

      She said "Yes!" I love these live and real moments!
I was recently at a meeting, the guys that I gave them the photo, asked the question "Where have you been from the social.networks?". I'm not lost, just all the power is directed to the processing and output of material and in the planning of the next year.
Yes, and I never was a big spammer, I can only envy people who can do many interesting things, bearing the meaning of publication in a day or a week, and still have time to work productively.
As I had announced earlier, next year we'll shoot just the wedding and before/after wedding story. The decision was made final. :)
Will pay maximum attention to your pairs, starting from the first meeting.
Even more to participate in the preparation, to help, to advise. It's very cool to find come to thee, like-minded people. During the preparation and shooting of their most important day, become if not friends, then very good friends.
With these weddings, I do not want to leave, I want to get another frame and save the moment... And that's the way it should be! And the same applies to the pairs - find the photographer that understands you and with whom you are on the same wavelength. If not, do not "cry to be pricked, but continue to eat a cactus". Nothing good will come of it, as if you didn't like his pictures.


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