I always thought that I would not write any advice on "choosing a wedding date," in it I am an advocate of the opinion "everyone does what they want, based on what matters to him or, conversely, does not matter." This text was obtained after requests for long-booked numbers from people I know, it's always more difficult ...
Someone, choosing the date for his wedding, is tied to some significant event for himself, someone starts from the options offered by the registry office, someone calculates all the horoscopes and compares with the lunar calendar, and someone first plans what he wants to receive, and then chooses time for this.
Which option is closer to me? Last. Just in similar issues, I do not have to adjust to events, but rather adjust the events to suit myself.
What answer to the phrases "And what to do now, we counted on you?", I honestly do not know, because according to my above logic, the answer is one ...
Somehow I still offered it to my friends, when the guys, after my words that the date was booked, answered "The institution is busy, the host is busy, and now you are busy too, what should we do ???" But, on my proposal, to think about postponing the date, I heard the answer: "No, we will not change the number, we were with the astrologer, it is ideal for us to continue our happy life." Really? Well ok, as I said, everyone has their own choice.
I had a couple who changed the date four times until they agreed on the employment of all the specialists they wanted and the venue. In the end, everything went perfectly. Those who do one or two translations are also enough. There are couples who spend their wedding on weekdays (and I'm not now about Fridays), especially not to participate in the race "go ahead until you booked." And there are couples booking a date for six months or a year. What to do and what to do, it's up to you.
In general, I can say. I am sure that in the end, everyone will find their experts and a compromise for the venue. And everything will go fine, the main thing is different! And your further happy family life will depend not on what "favorable" number you will spend the wedding. Determine for yourself the importance and do not give too much value to small things. Love to all.


Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya