Reflections on the theme...

      Making analysis of their weddings this year, came to a very positive conclusion.
Conclusions are actually much more, I do not feed bread, just give me something to analyze, but until about several.
Less of my brides get up in the morning, no light, no dawn, makeup and hairstyles, and start the day later, rested and happy, and I'm incorrigible "owl", it pleases me no less than them. ;)
Reduces the time allocated to the walk and the number of visited places for shooting in wedding day, in favor of the report with family, spiritual ceremony, etc.
More and more couples takes this same walk on another day for a trip to a beautiful place or just to not think about timing and maintaining a presentable appearance for a Banquet.
And the wedding day spend in one place, for example, outside the city without a long drive by car.
In the right direction to go, comrades!

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya