Rain. He's been following me for weeks. As much as recently, I have not talked about him yet. ⠀
And what is most interesting, I love the rain, I love the air after the rain, even to walk in the rain I love! (Well, naturally warm and without a hail, the size of an apricot ...)
But the rain on a wedding day is always a topic for these long discussions. I remember now the situation associated with the rain on the wedding day, which we had. And neither of them causes bad feelings. Only a smile and warmth in the shower! Do you know why?
Maybe because none of my bride saw a lightning in the sky, did not sit in a fresh puddle and sobbing, did not say that this is the worst thing that could happen in life? Maybe because the guests did not go with inflated faces, whispering quietly, "but I said ...", "everything, the holiday is spoiled ...", but rather joked and warmed the space with your mood? Maybe I can remember the groom who was laughing in a puddle? Or an incendiary party on the wet grass barefoot? Or a walk, fast, but with laughter and fresh drops on your face? Or them, wedding professionals who will always find a plan B, with minimal damage to the concept of the holiday?
What in the end can I say? The rain is not eternal, and there it is already gone. But people create their own holiday. In the rain or under the sun it does not matter!

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya