Price, value and timing

I noticed that during the processing and return of materials, photographers often write posts about the timing. Everyone writes that it can not be done quickly, that one should not forget about the creative component of this process, etc. But I also understand that an ordinary person, far from the topic, does not think how long this is a long-term process, which requires starting work long before the date and continue after. It seems like "I took it off - gave it, shot it - gave it away, shot it - gave it, so for a long time?" ("And why does it cost so much?" But this is another topic, although in the calculation below, I think it is partially revealed.) I love the words, but to understand an unknown topic, it's always easier for me in figures or percentages. Yes, and I saw a few miscalculations of time. Therefore, here is such an orientation, to anyone but myself, I do not apply it.
Year - 12 months - 52 weeks.
We take 35 weddings a year, for me it is more unrealistic, considering that I am only engaged in wedding photography. For photographers shooting in other directions, the number may be smaller. And there are those who shoot more.
- 5 weeks for shooting. (If all weddings are in the same city, if the photographer takes pictures not only in his city, we add here "figset" as much time for the road.)
- 5 weeks for the first series to be returned within the first 2 weeks. (Not all photographers do this, but I came to the conclusion that this part is necessary and important.)
- 35 weeks for sorting, processing, drawing up a series, full preparation for the return of the finished result. (At the rate of one week for one wedding, but then there appears that creative moment about which everyone is talking, it is impossible to robotize this process, we will get a photohammer without a part of the photographer's soul, which you, most likely because of this very part, have chosen. this part of the retouchers is not soared.I have not yet managed to find my clone.)
- 3 weeks for all meetings, discussions, answers to questions, etc. (It's easy, maybe even more.) Everything is also individual and depends on the photographer, I repeat myself about myself, it's hard to count all the hours of personal meetings and long conversations in the evenings, for example, in a vibeera with each of the brides. when there is a good wedding organizer, then this part is usually intercepted by himself and there are two preliminary personal meetings and one after, with the return of the result.)

- 4-6 weeks for shooting and handling lovestory. (This is in view of the fact that I shoot them only for my couples, in addition to weddings.)
- 1-2 weeks for shooting a wedding walk on a single day. (Because it's usually a trip for the whole day or more.)
- 2 weeks for maintaining the site and social networks, marketing. (If you spend half an hour a day, but it's not enough for everything.)
- 4 weeks for training, personal creative shooting. (Without it, there is no way at all, because the way to nowhere.)
Total: 52-60 = -8 We left, at least, at minus 8 weeks per year.
Conclusion: All professions are important, all professions are needed. And everyone builds graphics, is engaged in time management and adjusts the amount of work and his time so that it remains for personal life and recreation. I wanted to make a concrete, understandable miscalculation, that the terms are not taken from nowhere, but proceed from realities.

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya