Photographer's choice

     Made offer, subsided first emotions, have a date and you need to start to choose the professionals you can trust your holiday. And then, usually, begins the most difficult, because a lot of them and they are so different. I want to tell the main stages of selecting a photographer.

First. A quick screening, the type of "like - dislike". At this stage, you are viewing a portfolio of many photographers, 10-20 photos, choosing those who are caught and whose work is close to you.

Second. The selected photographers, view several full series (at least 100 photos in one day). This step is very important, do not skip it, because you need to see shown all day (from fees until the end of the Banquet). Like the atmosphere, the emotions, the story, setting, group portraits, etc. Pay attention to the fact that it was a real wedding, not a creative statement! Shooting in fairly harsh conditions of the wedding day, very different from the comfortable and creative shooting. At this stage, you should stay from 3 to 5 specialists.

Third. Go to the section services on the website of the photographer to pre-determined options packages, as well as possible additional services. Email or call the specialist, find out the cost and dates of your employment.

 ourth. Arrange a meeting with those who you. Personal meeting and communication, is also very important to understand how comfortable you are with that person whether you have a vision for your day. Even if all you know about your future holiday is what you on it will be time to meet with the photographer. Believe me, with a good professional to discuss not only the place for shooting. He will give tips on how to plan your day, offering a range of options timing, will talk about the possible "pitfalls" will give you the contacts that will help you create the day, links to beautiful wedding collections etc. will Talk to you about styles, trends, colors wedding locations for ceremony, reception and walks, pick something that you like and fits you.

And if you found your photographer, book. A week later, your date may already be busy.

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya