Other genres

I was recently asked, do I miss other shots - family, studio, portrait, subject, new year? I do not miss, because they have not gone away from my life.
Wedding photographer = portrait painter. Not every day we marry people who know how to pose professionally. Yes, and without portraits in the wedding anywhere.
Wedding photographer = reportage photographer. All day in motion, so as not to miss any important point.
Wedding photographer = studio photographer (we mean the ability to work with additional sources of light), as a good svetovik on the wedding site is more likely a rarity than a rule.
Wedding photographer = family photographer. For the second year, we haven’t removed the format of the “Кegistry office + Walk” wedding. For us, a wedding is a family holiday, we are happy to photograph everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. And we love the report.
A good wedding photographer can shoot a piece, details, food and decor... Definitely.
A New Year's photo shoot? Well, we have weddings in the winter too, so we’ll definitely get to the studios with Christmas trees.