О таких важных мгновениях

I feel that soon there will not be enough time for long texts and I'll go into the "instagram" mode for a photo, so I do not write any nonsense. "
But not at this time. About this photo, or rather, not specifically about it, but about a general theme, I want to say a little.
We do not take pictures in the registrar's offices, sometimes we discuss the pros and cons of the ceremony for a long time, but I still hear from my couples the phrase "We do not want an exit ceremony, because it's not real and this is a production." Here at once the counter question is ripening "And why is the registrar not a statement? Is this all straightforwardly sincere, vital and true?"
I, in fact, against the registrars themselves have nothing. But I have a big AGAINST, of how everything is happening there! Let's remember about such moments as, for example, guests are still not normally entered the hall, and you are already asked in a solemn voice: "Do you agree ...?" (Let's answer it quickly, because today is a mad day and there are still people like you waiting for the crowd. ") Or parents are looking at your back, instead of seeing your happy faces! Or grandmothers with grandfathers (after all, it was very difficult for them simply come and stand!), who so wanted to see this moment in the life of their grandchildren, they did not see him normally, due to the fact that many guests crowded into the hall and all stood, closing the review ...
I'm not talking about cleanliness, the mountains of bottles of champagne on the territory and insanely annoying trade in pigeons, songs and dances. Yes, there are exceptions to these my rules, but it is, sadly, the exception.
So, going back to the photo to this post. Coming to us and talking about real, sincere, emotional photos, do not tell me that an exit ceremony is a production. Guys, everything is real!

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya