Large series

I was recently asked a question, but I'm not afraid to spread such large series on the site.) They can also sp ... t ... vsmysle download and give out for their own. Really? I'm fearless. In general, many very famous photographers, on their websites or blogs, show large series of photos and they are available to everyone, otherwise it is not at all. So, if someone is very itching to do this - welcome to the cool and famous. Immediately customers come to you in crowds, that's 100%!

Okay, it's certainly a joke ... I agree, the concept of copyright is very, very fuzzy ... Take work and give out for your own, now you can in many areas of activity and do not really want to think about these people and how they booked then embody the reality will be. I do not want to. ⠀
But about the customers, I have a very good opinion. I know that they are smart and their important day is just not profukuyut. Well, for example, on the photographer's website there are 50-100 photos from one wedding or he shows them to you at a meeting. But the final photos are in reality much more. Of course, (if you have any doubts!) You at the meeting ask the photographer to show you all 600-1000 pieces. the series that you liked most. Well, for a guaranteed result, because the wedding can not be beat, if suddenly it did not work the first time, huh?))

Well, my opinion on this topic, I have repeatedly voiced. In general, I do not understand how you can choose a wedding photographer by looking at a few photos without looking at the entire series. Better two or three ... Well, it's like buying a cat in a sack. And the cat's fine! There, the degree of mimicry goes off scale, even quite inferior, if you wash, treat and fatten - it will endure-fall in love. And low-quality photos you how to fatten?))


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