Good thoughts

For a long time I did not write long texts. Eeeeehhhh ... where to take for the whole time?))
Have you ever thought about the roots of a "wedding walk" in our country? It's simple. The Zags were recorded early, but you can not start a banquet for lunch ... what to do? Walk. Long walk, skate in all possible places in the city, and also with the guests together, where do you put them then? And if suddenly it's boring, you know what to take with yourself so that it's more fun. I will not tell all the delights of this event for a couple, and for guests. For sure, each of us, at least once, experienced this on his own skin ... and even not particularly important in what role.

Why did I actually remember this? This is in times of the proper planning of the wedding day, visiting ceremonies, in short, modern weddings, where everyone is comfortable absolutely? Do not believe it. Because of the panic. I'm sorry, what?? Yes Yes. I watch this event periodically.

There is a couple who decided to get married. The first thing they do is allocate a budget for this event. Correctly? Correctly. (And yes, it's not a dress that they look at and book their favorite stylist, if that.) Early yet, early. And after understanding the budget, what is there complicated, in this age of instagram, inspiring pictures in pinterest and all sorts of wedding blogs? Yes, it's easier than everything! to appoint, with the format to determine, the venue, the experts (these are generally a lot of options), timing to plan, style to choose (rustic, boho, cheby-chic, industrial ... the names themselves say, and if not, the information is complete, nehochu, and no one canceled the classics), guests count, think, re-take itat, menu, Circuits, trivia, tadadam, tadadam ...

And then she comes. Increasing panic, from misunderstanding where to run and what to grab. And with her thoughts together - and we need it? Can do as the parents had or the older sister - Zags for 11, buffet in the same place, then walk 4-5 hours before the banquet. With a shuttle bus and a couple of boxes of warm champagne. In August, in the sun, yeah. And a photographer with a photo for a beautiful photo. In general, everything is simple and understandable.
Whether here only it is necessary? After all, with other thoughts it all began.


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