Awesome feeling.

What is the coolest thing for me when I open and read a request from a client? What makes the heart beating faster, eyes light up, gives strength not just to go and fly in the direction that I have chosen?
This is when the conversation begins not with a question about the cost, and when immediately asked to write our free dates in August or, for example, choose the date of your event. Yes indeed, many professionals are booked very well in advance. And when you have a few months before the wedding, the real thing you have to decide for a long time rebus, how to collect all the desired for the already selected date.
So, it's a great feeling to understand that the memories that you keep, in your style, in your vision, are really important for you! Not already filed an application to the Registrar and the date attached to it. Not a Banquet hall and the question of how to feed everyone. And important people who will help make it your holiday. And memories of him.
Thanks to the universe, it surrounds me with those who see and appreciate the same as I do.

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