I can tell You a story...
a Story about Love and Tenderness a Story about Smile and Dream a Story of the Confession a Story about the Present and the Future Your story...

Welcome to my website.

My name is Olga Omelnitskaya, I represent a duet of wedding photographers. Locally we are in Zaporozhye, but we work in other cities of Ukraine: Dnipro, Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, as well as on trips abroad.

People who show their perception of the world through the photo don’t have to tell a lot about themselves. It is enough for you to look at our works and understand whether they are close to you or not. If so it is excellent, let's meet and get acquainted. And maybe we will become the photographer of your event. But, just in case, there are, further, sections where I briefly tell about myself and about my views of the photo. That is for those who like to read. And for those who don't like to read – go to the gallery. It shows big series of a photo. Not one-two of the successful frames but as much as possible so that you could see all day or all story. Have a nice viewing.

Pleasant viewing.

Why exactly wedding photography? What about other genres?

Since my childhood I adored family holidays when all generations of the family from the youngest to the oldest generation gather together. They communicate, have fun, share problems and take pictures together for a family album. That’s the album at which future generations will view in years. And the wedding is such family holiday; it is even more, as two families unite here. And it isn't important whether it’s a small and silent wedding or big, cheerful and noisy. On each wedding there’re the moments of story. And it’s a great pleasure for me to keep them.

It is probably necessary to tell about myself here, for how long I have been photographing and why do I like it. :-) Of course clients ask me all these questions during the meetings. I’ll try to keep it short as that’s not the place for my autobiography. I liked to draw, to study and later I started working in a sphere which was far from art. Now I say that nothing happens without the reason and all this gave me a lot of experience which is very useful. But the fact remains, I came back to the passion of my life, to colors, shades, images, pictures when I was grown up. But I came back in a little bit different direction which was still close to drawing - to the photographing. We all pass the development stages and I’m not an exception. I can't say for sure how many of them I’ve already passed and how many I’ll pass further. That’s a lot. The main thing is where I’m right now, I came to understanding of "Why, For Whom and About What" I photograph. Someone considers that it’s cool to be a photographer and someone doesn't appreciate this work at all and scornfully says that there are too many of us. Yes, there’re a lot of us, but our quantity would be sharply reduced if I would ask I a question whom I would like to see as the photographer and who would sincerely keep the most important moments of my family.

And now, I understand that I am where I should be when I see happy smiles of the clients and hear the phrase "you managed to tell exactly our story".


Preliminary meeting or a few of them, discussion of details, wishes, nuances which will help to make your memories of this day the brightest.


Booking of date of your event shooting is carried out by advance payment and the conclusion of the bilateral contract for exact execution of our arrangements.


Shooting is conducted by two photographers with use of the additional equipment, light and accessories. Photographers go by the individual transport.


All good photos undergo processing, light and color correction and a slight retouch. All materials are formed in one flashback, on the flash-card with unique design.



Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya

The breath of the forest is a phrase-inspiration for this wedding. And every time I look at these photos, I smell the tree, the needles and the rain. And I see love, tenderness of two and family happiness.
A special couple on their special day. Enjoy watching..

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya

It was really a perfect day, under the motto "To be free together". Starting with a leisurely morning for two, ending with an incendiary party by the pool with friends. It's very difficult to describe everything that happened, so just look at the series and enjoy as much as we do.

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya

Escape from all and arrange a romantic wedding for only two - why not?
Go to the sea, get into the mountains, take a walk along the roofs of your favorite city in Europe, fly in a balloon - this holiday can be remembered for you for life if this day you realize your most cherished dreams!

Wedding photographer Europe and Worldwide Olga Omelnitskaya

To prepare stylish, beautiful wedding for a month unrealistic? Very real and this series is proof. We are very happy to be involved in this event.